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The year is 894, it has been 20 years since Chained God woke up

Tarturia has recovered the quickest from the multiple disasters in the year 874. First the Kai’mera invasion, then the Night of Dread, and last the horrible awakening of the Chained God when all of the world’s etherium flared, draining nearby arcane energy from the world, and shattered. In the fading after-image there was chaos. The world’s civilizations soon discovered they could no longer hide from the monsters of the world in the shadow of their etherium towers. Etherium was now the most abundant, and only reliable source of arcane energy.

The “Etherium Rush” of 875 led Tarturia to push its southern boundaries into the desert., settling The Last Homestead, Etherium Point, and Dead End all on the edge of the Gornobi Desert. By 877 the CW Express railroad had begun rapid expansion across Tarturia and reached The Last Homestead, reducing the trip between the capital city Klizzarnus from three to four days by horse to a mere three and a half hours.

New Midway is the most recent, and only remaining, desert town, founded in 890 (four years ago) along the Eneduin River as it forces its way through the dry sands of the Gornobi.

  • A hermit leaves his seclusion deep in the desert to spread justice in Pelor’s name
  • A sand elf gazes out the train window, sipping his beer and debating if he will need another before arriving in New Midway
  • A high elf bard plucks the strings of her dulcimer on the dusty stage of The One-Eyed Donkey
  • A thri-kreen gunslinger stalks across a sand dune towards the unknown
  • A deep gnome prospector rests his weary bones, listening to the chatter of the locals and the exotic music

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