PieRon Wickerstat

Human Paladin of Pelor, Hermit


19 year old “fresh off the boat” Paladin.

Tall, Lean human. Brown hair, green eyes, at this time dusty and travel worn, but has changed his appearance after his life altering event w/ priest of Pelor. was a hermit turned into Paladin.

He hates bigotry, liars, cheaters and people that take advantage of the weak. He doesn’t want to be a leader or become some great hero, he just wants to help the common man. He doesn’t like lots of people or large groups, but knows that he must venture into cities and offer help where needed. He doesn’t like to talk much and hits right to the point. But he also knows that to help he must talk with others, and when action is needed he will act quickly and with out regret b/c of Pelor’s path is set before him. People have a tendency to like him/ respect him (thus the high charisma). Extremely loyal to those that earn his respect and follow a good path. He will try diplomacy and redemption when he can, bring the unlawful to the law (or enforce the laws) and will smite evil when necessary.


PieRon Wickerstat

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